StockElec Demonstration
This application is a show case for you to have a better understanding of what we can deliver.
It is a web application hosted in Microsoft AZURE Cloud, it is composed of  a MySQL Database + WCF Service, and several clients from different technologies: WPF, XBAP, Silverlight and UWP. iOS and Android clients will be available soon.
You can easily try this one-page sample by installing one of the clients or browse to the silverlight website.
You will be able to:
  • Browse, Filter and Group the records stored in the database using pagination.
  • Add, Edit, Duplicate and Delete records.
The records represent electronic components: the capacitors used in the electronic industry with their common parameters.
The application is optimised for database access, it has a fluid and responsive interface with a customized design.
For more information about installation and usage follow this link.  
C++ / C# .NET

We can create Windows and Linux applications of any kinds. Thanks to the .Net Framework we build a variety of secure and robust software.

C# is the main programming language at DCGB Limited, it is prefered over C++ when possible.


WINFORM is the original GUI technology since windows 95 and WPF tends to become its successor. However, in many situation WINFORM are preferred because they can be created faster and run on every machine. WINFORM is also a proven technology with many ressources available.


WPF is a XAML based technology, it is preferred when the software needs a rich and custom design with animations. It can be designed to run within a browser instead of the traditional desktop. It requires more coding, but the final look-and-feel is better.

UWP stands for Universal Windows Platform, it is used to create universal applications that run on any windows 10 devices like Windows Phones, XBOX, and the tradionnal PC. It is available via the Windows Store.

WCF / Silverlight

These technologies are mainly used for web applications, WCF is a standard C# software hosted on a server, it acts as a service to the front-end user interface which is usually a standard website or a rich web application like Silverlight.

All these technologies can be used together to create applications like our StockElec Demonstration.


It is important for many modern applications to implement performant and reliable data managment. Relational databases are widely used and offer many features to improve the storage and treatment of essential information, as well as interoperability with any kind of client applications using SQL (Structured Query Language).


DCGB Limited offently designs and work with such database systems.

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