In this section you can find examples of projects that have been completed or are currently under development. For confidentiality reasons, the details, markups and photographs have been excluded.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)


These types of electronic equipment are mainly used for access control and asset tracking. They can usually be divided into several categories according to the operating frequency, the way the data are transmitted, encoded and encrypted. 
DCGB Limited has already created sophisticate RFID readers for the Hitag™ and Mifare™ transponders family from NXP Semiconductors, the leading company in this area.
Every readers are fully designed and developed internally by DCGB Limited, they are a combination of an electronic board based on microcontroller, firmware written in C, antenna and C# windows software utility to test and control the functionalities.
For Low Frequency application (125KHz), copper coil are purchased externally and tuned, while for High Frequency application (13.56MHz) the antennas are designed and printed directly on PCB.


Compact Hitag™ and 13.56MHz Reader board


  • 125KHz: Hitag1 transponder family from NXP Semiconductor.

  • 125KHz: EM4102 transponder IC from EM Microelectronic.

  • 13.56MHz: ISO14443A standard protocol via connector for reader module extension (see below).

  • USB CCID host to control external readers like Omnikey 5022 and 5025-CL

  • 4x 125KHz with onboard hardware multiplexer.

  • Received Signal Strength Measurement to detect from which antenna the transponder is the closest, for accurate and reliable detection in case of overlapping reading areas.

  • USB and I2C communication bus.

  • Single 12Vdc to 36Vdc input voltage.

  • Max power consumption ≈ 1500mW.

  • PCB dimensions 65mm x 50mm.

13.56MHz reader module extension with integrated antenna


  • ISO14443a ready, ISO14443b and ISO15693 capable.


  • SPI bus with control lines communication.

  • Input buffer protection.

  • Single 5Vdc input voltage

  • Max power consumption ≈ 1100mW.

  • PCB dimensions 118mm x 58mm.


  • 6Turns pcb loop antenna.

  • 35mm outer diameter.

  • Up to 4cm reading range with standard Mifare Classic access card.35

  • Any antenna shape, size or number of turns: loop, spiral, square, rectangular.

13.56MHz pcb integrated antenna

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