In this section you can find examples of projects that have been completed or are currently under development. For confidentiality reasons, the details, markups and photographs have been excluded.

Industrial Control


Industrial control systems are usually composed by several units separated by long distances. In many applications a main central server takes decisions and remotely controls a large number of devices of different types. These devices perform their duty either totally transparently or in semi-autonomous way and sometimes also control others sub-devices.
There are cases when the whole system can be composed by standard devices, but in many applications there are numerous constraints to be considered:
  • Integration into an existing system, when the communication protocols or the bus topologies cannot be changed
  • Physical constraints, when specific sizes and shapes must be followed
  • Technological constraints, like performances, costs, operating conditions
  • Many more: security and environmental regulation, maintenance, lifetime, etc....
In many cases it is necessary to develop specific devices in order to achieve the goals.
The project described in this section falls into this category, where the operating constraints have led to a highly integrated system with a sophisticated firmware, and composed by several addons boards (not listed here).


Highly integrated Controller


  • RS422 communication bus with onboard 4 channels router, DIP-switch for address selection.

  • 30V input voltage.

  • Max current consumption 5A.

  • Onboard isolated voltage regulator for digital components.


  • 1x motor driver up to 30V/5A with current measurement, stall detection and autostop protection via input.

  • 8x inputs 30V opto-isolated.

  • 8x outputs 30V.

  • 2x extension connectors for I2C addons boards.

  • 1x connector for LCD board.


  • Firmware with bootloader.

  • Easy Upgrade via USB stick with AES encryption.

  • Barcode reader compatible via USB to interact with the LCD.


  • PCB dimensions 125mm x 102mm.


WVGA 7" Color LCD board with resistive touchscreen


  • 800x480 pixel resolution.

  • Backlight intensity adjustable.

  • Buzzer onboard.


  • Multiple fonts for differents languages stored in onboard EEPROM, upgradable via USB stick.

  • Up to 7 differents screen with very fast switching using the onboard SDRAM.


  • PCB dimension 185mm x 106mm.

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